As a competitive powerlifter my weekly workouts consist of Squats/Bench/Deadlifts and Push Press. In this post I will take you through a Push Press session where I test out my brand new Bench Blokz!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Bench Blokz. My weakness is the lockout part of the Bench Press so this piece of kit is great for adding a bit more weight than you are used to. Although, as this was my first time using them I didn’t want to go any heavier than normal, just for safety reasons! I would recommend first time using just go as heavy as you normally would just to get a feel for it. Next session I will definitely go a bit heavier to test the waters! I wouldn’t use it as a main lift movement but certainly a great accessory for an upper body workout.

Push Press – 90.5kg x 4 Reps

How to:

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and grip the bar with your fingertips, elbows pointing forward.
2. Rest the bar on the front of your shoulders.
3. Drop down into a shallow squat, centring your weight under the barbell.
4. Press up through your heels.
5. Drive the bar directly above your head until your arms are straight.
6. Lower the bar down to your chest.

Maintain a neutral arch in your spine throughout the move.

Bench Blokz Press – 120kg x 6 Reps

Benefits of using Bench Blokz:

By bringing the bar down to the Bench Blokz instead of all the way to your chest, you effectively shorten the distance the weight has to travel. This allows you to lift heavier loads since you don’t have to press the bar as far. You can also zero in on sticking points, which are the most difficult portions of the exercise. Using the Bench Blokz at various heights can also allow to train through injuries effectively and when attempting to rehab an injury.

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